About Us

United African Coalition’s (UAC) mission is to serve as the umbrella organization to the larger African community in the United States and to represent the collective social, political and economic interests of the fast-growing African immigrant population through capacity building, civic engagement and active participation in the United States political engine.

Since the UAC’s formation in 2013, we have started to work toward the day when the current over five million African immigrants population in the United States and our first generation American-born children have equal representation that equate our economic, intellectual and political capital across all spectrum of the American system. For this is how and when we can truly measure the success of so many sacrifices and deferred dreams in pursuit of the American Dream.

UAC sees continental Africans as one, hence our borrowed motto – UNUS PRO OMNIBUS, OMNES PRO UNO (One for All, All for One) which encapsulates our core belief.

We need your input, your ideas, and your active participation to help make our mission a success. Call us at (718) 822-5555 today.